As I have mentioned in my Personal Information page, I have been writing for a very long time and I have been publishing my articles at many different sources. My articles can be found in the following links, categorized according to their field of interest.

Please note that all articles you will find here are in Turkish. The translations will be done through time and the articles will be updated. Thank you.


Tree of Evolution

This is the largest archive of evolutionary biology in Turkish. This is also one of my most extensive projects. This is an evergrowing archive that develops and improves with my academic life and development.

Tree of Evolution :: My Articles

Religious Systems & Atheism

I started my informative writing with my articles on religion and atheism. I will publish my articles after I revise them, in the following link:

Religious Systems & Atheism :: My Articles

Other Articles

I also tend to write other articles on various topics from politics to life, music to education. You will find my articles in the following link:

Other Articles