Professional Shot
A Professional Shot
TTU Administration Building
Niagara Falls
@ Niagara Falls with Ashlee
Visiting Kocaoglu Family at Pittsburgh
Art is Science
Being the artist for the day
BIOMS Lab Robo
@TTU BIOMS Lab (2014)
BIOMS Lab Robo
with LeVar Burton from Star Trek
Garden of the Gods
At the Garden of the Gods Geological Formation, Colorado
Big Family
Bakırcı, Taylor, Temel, Barraford Families, Austin, USA (2016)
Brother, Dad, Mom, Me
Lecture in Hacettepe University
Lecture in 9 Eylul University
407 Project
Final Project for ME407, METU
407 Project 2
Final Project for ME407, METU
407 Project 3
Final Project for ME407, METU
Kenneth Miller
With Dr. Kenneth Miller @ Ankara
METU Biology
With Kence Family and Lab Friends
Cowboy Vampire
"Cowboy Vampire" Halloween @ Lubbock, TX
EEG Experiment
EEG Experiment Subject @ METU Biology
Book Signing
Signing my second book for a reader
Great Plan
Organizations Founded/Lead
Research Robo
Research @ BIOMS Lab
Alphee The Cat
For the love of Alphee the Cat!
Brian Greene
With Brian Greene
Red Flag
Red Flag Warning at Odessa Meteor Crater